Get Oscar hair

One of the biggest hair trends for spring/summer was on display at this year’s Oscars: buns and updos. This sort of hair is timeless and guarantees 100% glamour. But I’ll be honest, this is hard hair to pull off if you’re over 25 because a bun can age you if you get it wrong, (i.e. pull it too tight), plus the hairdos on display at the Academy Awards probably took around 2 hours to do.

If you fancy trying this trend yourself but you don’t have much time, try this:

First of all make sure your hair is glossy and in good condition. Plus if you’ve got thin hair you’ll need to add a bit of volume. You can do this either with a volumising product or by scrunch drying your hair.

Separate your hair into three sections: A thin fringe from temple to temple, a section of about 2-3 inches from the fringe to the crown and the rest of the hair into a low ponytail at the back.

Comb the thin fringe and clip to one side.
Backcomb the remaining section and pin down so you’re creating a bit of quiff.
Take the fringe and comb over the backcombed hair and pin in place.
This should give you height around the hairline and crown but look smooth.
Fix with a glossy hair spray.
Take the ponytail at the back and twist until it naturally curls into itself, creating a bun.
Secure the bun with hair-coloured grips or bands, and fix with hairspray again.

Ta-da! Oscar hair – now practice your acceptance speech!