Give a little whistle?

When was the last time you were wolf whistled? How did it make you feel? Delighted? Annoyed? Pathetically grateful?

Not so long ago, my friend Kate and I were out and about with a friend we hadn’t seen for ages. She looked great, all tight fitting jeans and flowing blonde hair. When we walked past a building site there was so much whistling you’d have thought we’d stumbled into an aviary. Well I say ‘we’. In fact she went first and Kate and I followed – to deathly silence. Not a single chirrup. Not a peep. So who felt bad? Our friend for being whistled at or us for not being whistled at? You can guess, can’t you? It was us.

So when I opened the paper and saw that the building firm George Wimpy has told its builders in Bristol that wolf whistling is banned I had to read on.

‘The general feeling is that women won’t stand for being whistled at by builders.’ Says who?

‘Savvy and sophisticated women are put off visiting sites for a property for fear of being targetted.’

What?? If they’re that savvy and sophisticated I’m sure they’d be more than capable of telling a whistling builder to shut the wotnot up!

‘Similarly men report finding it insulting when their loved ones are whistled at.’ Insulting. That’s an interesting one.

Ok, ban pin-ups on public display and ban shouting out crude comments while you’re at it but a whistle of appreciation? What do you think?