Give me gadgets!

I’m starting to get a bit worried about how much I rely on technology. Some of my friends have got iphones and I’m starting to think that I need one too. Gone are the days of wondering what’s on the telly later, or who was in that film with Kevin Bacon (it was Sean Penn by the way), because one of them will just look it up online – whenever, wherever.

This has started to impact on my life so much that I’m now convinced that I can’t live without some kind of mobile internet. I’ll be out at the shops and want to know where the nearest Topshop is and instead of just asking someone or having a wander around, I think to myself ‘if only I had an iphone, then I’d know’. Or I’ll want to find out what time the last train back from somewhere is – same again, I find myself cursing my crummy old mobile and longing for newer technologies.

Its so ridiculous. To think that 10 years ago most of us didn’t even own a mobile phone and now we’re not happy unless we’re connected to the whole world all the time.

That said, as soon as my phone contract runs out I will be investigating just how much it’d cost me to own one of these pretty gadgets, and I’m praying it’s within my price range!