Giving up smoking can be tough – but here’s 8 things you won’t miss


You’re planning on quitting smoking and worry that all you’ll think about is how much you’ll miss cigarettes. Make it easier for yourself by focusing on the less appealing elements of being a smoker. Here are 8 to get you started.

The smell
Does any smoker really like waking up to the stench of cigarettes on their hair, skin and clothes every day? One of the first things you’ll notice when you quit is how much fresher your clothes are. As you don’t have to put them in the machine every time you wear them, you may even save on washing powder too! The whiffy odour may have infiltrated your home, the sofa and curtains; have a good spring clean and this will soon pass.

Loss of taste
When you smoke, the taste of cigarettes in your mouth can mask what food really tastes like. So you’ll notice that after a few days smoke free, you can really savour and enjoy meals.

To help you quit smoking , try chewing a gum like Nicotinell Support Icemint, which helps freshen breath. Each piece releases a small amount of nicotine, helping with the initial withdrawal and reducing food cravings.

Stained, yellow teeth
You’ll love life without the oral issues smoking can bring. Halitosis or bad breath, stained teeth and receding gums are the most obvious signs of a smoker, and we know that  smoking can lead to periodontitis that causes swollen gums and bad breath. Leave cigarettes behind and your oral health could improve.
Smoker’s cough
That cough that you can’t seem to shift will start to recede shortly after you become a non-smoker. After 48 hours smoke free, lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris. After 72 hours, breathing becomes easier as the bronchial tubes relax.

While you may cough more in the first few weeks as a non-smoker, this is the result of your lungs cleaning themselves. From between 3-9 months since your last cigarette, coughing, wheezing and breathing problems are reduced and lung function increases by up to 10%.

Have you ever had to take a few flights of stairs instead of the lift? Or do you regularly feel out of breath when you’re tearing around after the kids? These are moments when you huff and puff and think to yourself, ‘That will be the cigarettes.’

When you stop smoking your lungs will start to heal and after a few months you might even notice how much easier physical activity is. In fact, when you quit, according to research by the University of Exeter, the more you exercise, the fewer cravings you’re likely to have.

Fewer wrinkles
Smoking affects the blood vessels making it more difficult for them to carry oxygen around the body.

It can hinder elastin and collagen production and often leaves smokers with more wrinkles, dull, grey skin and lines around the mouth. The good news is that six weeks after you stop, oxygen levels increase and your skin can look brighter.

An empty purse
One way to appreciate giving up smoking is to look at the money you’ll save. You can use a money calculator like this one [].

Even if you only have five cigarettes a day, that’s more than £650 a year, which you could spend on a nice holiday.

Ultimately, every smoker knows that smoking is detrimental to their health . It’s morbid, but unfortunately around half of all smokers will be killed by a smoking-related illness if they continue to smoke. Smoking causes more than a quarter – 28% – of cancer deaths in the UK according to Cancer Research.

For more information on the tools out there to help you quit, visit the Nicotinell Support Page.

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