Gordon blimey, calm it down Ramsay!

So… you’ve just finished another busy week and finally it’s the weekend. A chance to relax with the family, chill out and watch a bit of telly. Just what I fancied doing on Friday. Except I couldn’t manage the relaxing bit. For the third week in a row I found an increasingly scary Gordon Ramsay shouting at me from the telly box to ‘get cooking!’

Gordon’s Cookalong Live is slowly becoming the most stressful part of my week. I like the idea of the programme and want to get involved but to be quite honest I can’t keep up! One minute he’s flash-frying a duck breast and the next some hapless celebrity is trying to keep pace. Then Gordon’s undercover on an Aldo Zilli cooking course while I’m left wondering what I do with all this pasta he’s told me to make.

Now the simplest thing to do is turn off the TV. But that’s the other problem – I’m too scared of Gordon to move! Thank God it’s Saturday now and I’ve only got a semi-frightening fireworks display to go to.

Hope you’re having a more relaxing weekend!