Guy Johnston

Name: Guy Johnston Age: 22 Location: Buckinghamshire

Guy Johnston is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who realised studying a language alongside his main subject could broaden his career opportunities.

While at University Guy was given the chance to study in Toulouse for a semester, and having studied French at school he decided to seize the opportunity, seeing it both as an adventure and a way to boost his future employment prospects.

He found his French skills helped him experience another culture first hand and helped him feel much more at home in France. Guy has now graduated from University and plans to work in France in the future.

Guy comments,

“There are so many reasons to learn a language. I’ve had some great experiences as a result of studying abroad and really feel speaking another language opens you up to a lot of opportunities. It’s a also a great career option, particularly if study a language along with another subject, as linguists are sought after in lots of different industries.”