Halloween scream

I love Halloween. While most people I know turn all their lights out and pretend they’re not at home when the doorbell rings to avoid the trick or treaters, it’s a different story in my house. My husband likes to start preparing a week before the event and we don’t even have any kids!

He’ll make sure he’s got a good selection of nice sweets by visiting the pick ‘n’ mix counter. This year he’s got a bag of chocolate pumpkins. Then he’ll crawl into the loft and find his hideous scar-face Halloween mask. And it really is hideous.

A few years ago it was a dark Halloween night and there was a ring on the doorbell and some giggling outside. Rob raced to get his mask and the bag of sweets. He got the mask on, flung open the front door and at the very same second the hall lightbulb blew with a loud DINK! The kids took one look at the terrifying monster in the half-lit hallway and before they could utter the words ‘trick or treat?’ ran screaming and crying from the door. Rob was left standing there with his bag of sweets up for grabs and not a child in sight. And that was the last we saw of the neighbourhood kids that night.

Still, undefeated, Rob will be getting out his trusty mask again this year, while I’ll be praying we don’t get a power cut. What will you be doing for Halloween?