Harry Potter breaks records

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 made £57m at the box office on its opening night in North America on Friday.

The final installment of the young wizard’s adventures has smashed the previous record of £45m, held by The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Sales in Britain on Friday reached £9m, bringing the movie’s total worldwide sales to £155m.

The 8 films in the series have raked in £4billion altogether, making JK Rowling’s Harry Potter the largest-grossing franchise ever.

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, has mixed emotions about bidding farewell to the 10-year series.

‘I have days where I feel relieved and I have days where I feel very sad and I have days where I’m so excited to have this take up my whole life,’ says Emma, 21.

‘My life revolved around Harry Potter…I know the grass is always greener but there were so many moments when I was making this where I was like, I wish I could go and do that, when something would come up.’

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