Have a bargain BBQ

We all love BBQs. But an impromptu BBQ on a sunny day can end up costing more than you’d expect. What makes a BBQ brilliant is that you get to sit in the sun in your garden and eat tasty food – it’s not about spending lots of money. Follow these tips to keep the cost of your BBQ down.

Think ahead

If you know you’re likely to have BBQs this summer, keep your eyes open for bargains on meat everytime you go shopping. If you wait for a hot day, you might find all the best bargains are gone by the time you get to the shop. So buy burgers and sausages when they’re on offer and chuck them in the freezer until you need them. Just remember to take them out the night before so they have time to defrost thoroughly (or defrost them in the microwave).

Disposable v. permanent

A permanent BBQ could last you a lifetime, so if you’re going to use it regularly, it’s worth buying a permanent one. However, if you’re more of an occasional BBQ-er, you can pick up disposable ones (which are just as easy to use) for as little as £1.97 from Tesco. So have a think and decide what’s best for you.

Give your guests a list of things to bring

If you’re inviting others, don’t be afraid to ask them to bring something. Having someone else bring some burgers or a few beers can make a real difference.

Buy frozen food

Buy frozen burgers and sausages, these are great value. You can get 8 burgers for a mere 79p from Tesco’s Everyday Value range, or a whopping 20 sausages for just £1! A refridgerated pack of just 4 burgers would cost you around £3.50, and a pack of just 12 sausages can easily be £3, so the savings really are significant. Just make sure you read the instructions on the packet really carefully before cooking, and cook everything through really thoroughly.

Make a filling salad

A big pasta salad or potato salad can be made for next to nothing, and it’ll really fill your guests up, so they’ll need less meat. It’s a sure way to save some pennies.

Go veggie

Meat is expensive, so make sure you’ve got plenty of veggies too. Vegetable kebabs are very tasty, BBQ’d corn on the cob is delicious and baked potatoes finished off on the BBQ are always a winner too. If you don’t fancy going all veggie, just cut down on the meat and have some veggie sides.

Consider a BBQ alternative

If you really need to save, you can still enjoy the great outdoors without the added cost of buying a BBQ and any other accessories you might need. A picnic is a great way to still enjoy dinner in your garden. Or if you’re set on burgers and sausages, you could cook them under the grill then eat them outside – just call it a grill-up instead of a BBQ!

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