Have your cupcake and eat it!

I am sick to death of healthy eating. There, I’ve said it. The trouble is, if I don’t do it I might just be sick to death.

Changing your eating habits to brown rice, grilled chicken and fruit, fruit, fruit, when you’ve spent years eating anything and everything you want hasn’t been easy. But when you know your arteries have already started furring, as I do, then you can’t keep on shovelling down creamy kormas and bars of chocolate. Although I did let rip with a chocolate cupcake last night. Pure joy.

It was my husband’s birthday and instead of a single cake I’d bought him a box of cupcakes iced to say Happy Birthday. Everyone I know loves cupcakes. We even sent some to a friend when she had a baby and she reckoned they were better than any bunch of flowers! What do you reckon? One of my mates is even considering having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake when she gets married! Have you ever made any? If you have and you’ve got a good recipe, send it in to us. Better still send a photo of the evidence too!

Anyway, that’s enough cake talk, back to the healthy stuff. Sigh. Sitting here looking at a clementine when what I really want is a chunky KitKat, made me wonder whether I should have hypnosis to try and persuade my brain I really don’t like sweet things and I LOVE fruit and veg. Hmm. Have you ever tried hypnosis? And if so, what did you think of it? Please let me know. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now so maybe it’s about time I did something about it!