Heather gets booed

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex gets frosty reception in US

Heather Mills still plans to move to the States – despite getting a mixed reception when she appeared at the Miss USA pageant on Friday.

‘In England, people don’t like me,’ Heather tells the Daily Mirror. ‘But I’m going to move to America, Los Angeles hopefully.

‘I Love England but everything that has happened makes me realise I’ll be better off in the States.’

Heather, 40, who recently won £24.3 million in a divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney, 65, didn’t seem bothered by the boos she received while judging the beauty contest.

And at the after show party she was seen talking to Hollywood publicist Elliot Mintz, who is credited with turning Paris Hilton, 27, into a household name.

Where to next?

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