Heather’s call girl past

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex alleged to have charged £10k a night for sex

A new Channel 4 documentary renews allegations that Heather Mills worked as a call girl when she was struggling to make a living in her 20s.

Former prostitute Denise Hewitt, 44, has made wild and unconfirmed claims that she and Heather charged £10,000 a night for sex – and even acted out lesbian fantasies for their clients.

‘We used to get a lot of jewellery as gifts – rings, watches, Bulgari bracelets, cars. The world was our oyster. We enjoyed it,’ Denise says on the programme.

‘We would have full-on sex with a guy. We went into high-class prostitution behind closed doors. Girls in Newcastle go out and do it for free. But we’d get £10,000 for our girlie-girlie scenes.’

As part of the documentary, Heather’s estranged dad Mark Mills, 64, who she has not seen for 20 years, shows home movies of her childhood to refute her claims he was abusive.

The clips shows her and sister Fiona playing on a family holiday in Wales.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman defended the strong allegations made in the documentary.

‘Our show tries to separate fact from fiction and find out the truth behind the headlines,’ the spokeswoman tells the Daily Star.

Heather has denied being a call girl in the past. Two years ago her lawyers issued a statement saying: ‘These claims are denied. The sources clearly are a variety of unreliable persons who have been paid for these stories.’

Heather, 40, was unavailable for comment.

Heather Mills: What Really Happened is on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.