‘HELLO! I’m in the cinema!’

I went to see the new Batman movie with my girlfriend, the other night.

It was a bit of a treat because since our daughter was born, we haven’t been to the cinema much – babysitters are a bit thin on the ground.

Now, I don’t know if I’m just getting old but I couldn’t believe the behaviour of a lot of the other cinemagoers.

It was as if people were watching the film in their own front room. They were munching on all sorts of smelly and noisy snacks – the nachos were possibly worst. Thank goodness we didn’t have to sit right next to the people eating them.

But worst of all were the ones whose phone went off during the film. They even took the call to tell the person they were in the cinema!

I think cinemas should offer snack-free screenings of films for those who don’t want to be annoyed and mobiles should be confiscated before you go in. They’d do a roaring trade wouldn’t they?