Hen don’ts

Next weekend I’m off on a hen do. The bride is my oldest friend, Kate, and myself and her four other bridesmaids have been organising it for her.

It struck me, as we were planning the fun and games, what bloody good friends the four of us are to her!

We all know that she’d be SO embarrassed if we got her a stripper, or played silly games where she had to reveal lots of intimate secrets about her and her husband-to-be, so we’re just not doing it.

I’ve been on lots of hen parties where the bride is ritually humiliated in the name of ‘good fun’ and it’s just horrible to watch.

Maybe I’m just boring. Maybe it really is best just to get into the spirit of the whole thing, buy her some ‘penis’ earrings and get a complete stranger to wobble his dangly bits in her face while she downs tequilla!

If I’m honest, I think the reason I’m being so nice to Kate is because I’m hoping she’s going to return the favour next year when she plans mine…