How do you divorce a friend?

I have this ‘friend’, it’s a he – and no, it’s not like that! He’s nice enough and we’ve got lots in common but there’s no connection – do you know what I mean?
I have tried over and over to get rid of him, ignoring him, arranging stuff and cancelling at the last minute, telling him I’m going away for a few months (even though I’m not), I’ve even thought about faking my own death!

At the weekend I met up with one of my oldest friends, Sally, and still had this guy on my mind. Sally and I have nothing in common – I’ve spent years focusing on my career, she’s found 3 Mr. Rights and had babies with all of them.
But it struck me that even though Sal and me are total opposites, we’re still close, there’s still a connection.
Her answer to all of this is that I have two choices: either I tell him that I don’t have time for his friendship or I make a play for him and that’ll decide the outcome either way: he’ll run a mile or fall in love and we’ll live happily ever after!!
What would you do?