How to make a peg angel

The kids will really enjoy learning how to make an angel to hang from the Christmas tree with this pretty peg angel

craft from Pippa Middleton’s book ‘Celebrate’.

The glitter, feathers and ribbon help to make this festive-looking angel a really fun Christmas craft for kids to get stuck into.

Pippa Middleton says: ‘Girls will particularly love to make these; they look so pretty hanging from branches or as a tree-topper. 

How to make an angel:

Pippa Middleton’s peg angel craft equipment:

  • wooden pegs
  • coloured wind wool
  • pipe cleaners
  • doily
  • crepe paper
  • netting
  • ribbon
  • feathers
  • glitter glue
  • PVA glue
  • masking tape

Pippa Middleton’s peg angel craft instructions:

Draw a face on the rounded top of an old-fashioned wooden peg and wind wool, coated with a little PVA glue, around the head to make hair.

Cut 8cm of pipe cleaner to create arms and glue to the back of the doll.

Cut a 12cm circle out of a doily, crepe paper and netting, with a hole in the centre of each to put the doll through, and secure to the peg with masking tape.


 Glue a loop of ribbon around the bodice with PVA and use the remained of the ribbon to hang the doll. 

 Glue feathers to the back and paint shoes with glitter glue.

Want more craft ideas from Pippa? Purchase a copy ‘Celebrate’ by Pippa Middleton, HB £25 (Penguin Books).

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