How to make chalkboard drawers

Give your drawers a fun update with this clever idea from our friends at Hobbycraft.

By coating the sides and front of a set of drawers in blackboard paint a simple piece of furniture can create hours of fun for the family.

If that’s not a selling point then we don’t know what is. Children will love being allowed to scribble all over a piece of your furniture and it will create a gorgeous family feel to whatever room you choose to put it in.

Blackboard paint is a magical product that creates, as the name suggest, a blackboard finish on whatever you coat in it. 

You can easily achieve this finish in a day, giving a real sense of accomplishment. We love a quick and easy craft project like this!

You will need


-Chest of drawers

-White paint

-Masking tape

-Blackboard paint

-Paint brushes


Step 1

Sand down the drawers to remove any loose paint or varnish and to give the new paint a good surface to stick to.

Step 2 

Give the top and sides of the chest two coats of white paint. Once dry, mask off the area to be turned into a blackboard surface. Press the edges of the tape down firmly, so no paint seeps through. 

Step 3

Paint the masked off areas of the chest with blackboard paint – we found it didn’t take long to do two coats. When the chest is completely dry, carefully remove the masking tape, then just scribble away!