I can’t get no sleep!

We all know that sleep is really important. It’s a fact that without a good night’s sleep our mental and physical health can suffer if we don’t get enough shut-eye. So it’s no wonder I am A. mad and B. a physical wreck because I don’t ever get enough sleep.

The thing is, I live in a flat with very thin walls and ceilings. I can hear the neighbour next door flick her light switch and chat to her friends. I can even hear the lady above me flush her loo! Most nights I hear her TV while I am trying to nod off and then after a few hours’ sleep I am woken by her slamming her windows shut  – agh!! Some mornings when she wakes me up I shout at the ceiling, because if I can hear her then she can hear me.

I have tried sleeping in the lounge and sleeping with ear plugs but neither make any difference. So now I am looking into soundproofing, something that I can stick to my walls and ceiling that will dampen the noise a little. If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know – I just want a good night’s sleep!