I can’t wait!

I’m so excited about Christmas! I can’t wait to have some lazy days at my mum’s eating loads of tasty food and watching fab Christmas telly. Brilliant.

I also hope that I get some good presents. My boyfriend suggested that we didn’t buy each other anything this year, what with the credit crunch and all, but I’m hoping the look on my face has made him reconsider!

Top of my list are some of those knitted Ugg boots, but they’re so pricey I think I might have to save up myself for those. I also saw this really cool gadget that lets you scan in your negatives from old pictures and it turns them into digital photos. I don’t know about you but I’ve got draws of old photos that I never look at so I think I’ll like having them on my computer.

How about you, what have you asked for? I hope Father Christmas is kind to you and if he’s not, then treat yourself from our