I’ve stroked a tiger!

This office is completely cat mad. Everybody has a cat (or five) and we even have a wall of cat pictures, or ‘cat stats’ as we like to call them, which mark goodtoknow’s most popular days.

I had 5 cats when I was younger – Ollie, Jerry, Blebson, Twinkie and Fozzy. Fozzy outlived the rest but developed hyperthyroidism which the vet said was ‘a bit like having a cat on speed’. His miaow resembled a fire engine and he forgot how to get back in the house once he’d got outside, so we were forever running out into the garden at 4am to rescue him. And silence his wailing!

While on holiday in Thailand, I took goodtoknow’s cat obsession one step further – I stroked a tiger! It was brilliant. I went to a place called Tiger Temple where monks raise rescued cubs so they’re tame. You can sit with them and have a cuddle. It was a very bizarre experience and one I don’t think I’ll forget. Since then though I keep having dreams about being chased by tigers. Last night Siegfried and Roy were involved… I hope it hasn’t scarred me for life!