Is Susan Boyle really better?

SuBo’s set to top the charts, but her erratic behaviour hasn’t entirely gone

With her album poised to take the world by storm and an appearance on The X Factor last weekend, Susan Boyle seems to be living the finalists’ dreams.

But after reports of erratic behaviour and a stalker turning up at her home last week, the Scottish singer is paying a price for fame on both sides of the Atlantic.

Susan, 48, was admitted to The Priory for exhaustion after becoming an overnight sensation on Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year, saying her rise to stardom hit her like ‘a giant demolition ball’.

An insider at her recent performance on US show Dancing With The Stars says the signs are still there that she’s struggling with fame.

‘She had to be supervised and more or less led to the stage with the mic put in front of her,’ says the source.

‘She’s bemused by her status and didn’t seem sure what was going on, even though she’s had time to get used to it.’

That performance was followed by an increase in security after a stalker turned up at the singer’s West Lothian home.

The middle-aged American woman had become obsessed with Susan and left her ‘shaken’ after arriving on her doorstep. The woman was intercepted by a bodyguard.

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