It’s a cats life!

Walking home from the station last night, I couldn’t help thinking what a waste of time speed humps are. I live on a long fairly straight road pretty well covered in speed humps. But as I plodded along cars sped past me. I doubt if a single one came out of fourth gear. So what’s the point? Weren’t they brought in because they were meant to slow traffic down?

I wish they did work because every time one of my cats ventures out the front and some whacking great 4×4 thunders past, I fear the worst. But cats are no fools. Fred has a habit of racing me across the living room to get to the settee before I do and nab his favourite spot. And if we don’t wake up in time for Archie’s breakfast he comes into the bedroom yowling like a siamese, when he’s a traditional old tabby, and pats our eyes with his paws. Claws in, thankfully!

I bought a catnip plant at the weekend which is sitting on the patio in its pot and sending them bonkers. What is it about that stuff? Does it send your cats wild? I haven’t seen Fred this excited since he managed to get his head inside the butter dish!

Life’s certainly never dull with cats around as this clip proves.