It’s a gas, gas, gas

So apparently I’m going to have to fork out another £200-£300 a year for my gas and electricity. All because British Gas has seen its profits drop this year. Sorry, did I read that right? Their PROFITS have dropped? Yes, the poor little blighters have only made £992m. Shame.

And don’t go kidding yourself that we’ve got time to save some money before the next bill – the price hikes start today!

According to, the average energy bill will now cost £1,126. Cripes. Already I’ve been desperately thinking of ways I can use less gas and leccy – things like switching off the TV rather than putting it on standby, turning the lights off when I leave a room, using candles to cook my Sunday roast…

I don’t think I’d be gnawing my nails quite so much if British Gas could guarantee they won’t raise prices again. But there’s no talk of that. Forget the credit crunch, this is turning into the credit stomp.