‘It’s simply not true and they are fighting to prove that’

Tana Ramsay’s sister-in-law, Adele Hutcheson, has claimed that Gordon didn’t have an affair and the couple has been ‘knocked for six’ by the allegations.

The News of The World claim that Gordon’s been having an affair for seven years with a woman called Sarah Symonds.

But it seems the couple are standing strong. They posed for pictures together and have both refused to comment on the rumours. It’s also said that Gordon is launching legal action.

Friends of Tana seem to think that she won’t leave Gordon, whatever the truth may be behind these stories.

Both have gone about their usual day-to-day business since the revelations. Gordon leaving the house in his chef’s jacket (as our picture shows) to go to work and Tana to drop the kids off at school. When asked by the hordes of press outside her house how she was doing, she replied, ‘I’m good, thanks for asking.’

We’re pretty sure there’s much more to come on this story yet, so just watch this space.