It’s snowing!

But no-one told me. I didn’t get a memo. There was no warning on the news.

I got back late last night and as my train went from one side of the Thames into the outskirts of London the view got whiter. Just a few stops from home I could see snow falling. At every station the landscape got snowier and the snowfall heavier. By the time I got to my house there was a thick blanket of pristine, white snow. And it was very, very cold.

As much as I love snow – it’s so pretty – and snowglobes, after a while the fun of the real stuff fades. Plus I have Raynaud’s phenomenon so winter weather isn’t just cold, it’s painful.

But I’m not angry with nature, I’m angry with my local council. There were no gritters out last night and there are still none today, and overnight the snowy roads turned into black ice, which is dangerous.

I don’t know why my council were so short-sighted, but then they’re not in the business of making good decisions. They’ve just lost £47 million of our money in the Iceland bank – maybe we’ve got Iceland’s weather as compensation?

Apester Lazyload