Jack to miss Jade’s funeral?

Jack Tweed may be behind bars when Jade Goody is laid to rest.

The 21-year-old is due to be sentenced on Thursday for assaulting a taxi driver in May 2008.

Jack, who is on parole for another assault, could miss the service on 4 April if he’s jailed.

‘It would be terrible for him if he can’t go to the funeral,’ says publicist Max Clifford.

‘I believe his mother has spoken to his lawyer to ask if it is possible to move the date of sentencing.’

But even if he’s imprisoned, its possible Jack could attend the funeral in cuffs and flanked by prison guards.

‘All prisoners are entitled to apply for a compassionate licence to attend the funeral of a close family member providing they are not category A, on the escape list, unconvicted or awaiting sentence,’ a Prison Service spokesman tells the Daily Mail.

Big Brother star Jade, 27, passed away on Sunday after losing her battle with cancer.

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