Jackiey wants to have a baby girl for Jade

Jackiey Budden plans to have another child at 51 – to honour her late daughter Jade Goody.

The Big Brother star, 27, who died from cervical cancer in March, always wanted a girl.

Jackiey plans to fulfil Jade’s dying wish with the help of her new boyfriend Jason Cooper, 36.

‘We’d love to have the baby girl that Jade always wanted,’ she says.

‘Jade would be over the moon for me if I got pregnant and I think it would be a wonderful tribute to her.’

Despite her age, Jackiey doesn’t think she’ll have to resort to fertility treatment.

‘I may be 51 but it’s not too late, I could still get pregnant,’ she tells the Daily Star.

‘Jason’s had the snip but he’s seriously considering having it reversed.

‘I’m sure I can get pregnant naturally so I don’t even need to think about IVF.’

Jade had sons Freddie, 5, and Bobby, 6, with ex Jeff Brazier, 30.

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