Jigsaw heart craft

That old jigsaw that has half its pieces missing is about to be put to good use, how cute is this heart craft? 

If you don’t have such a puzzle to sacrifice to a craft project then you can pick up an inexpensive puzzle from a charity shop.

These can be whipped up in no time at all, meaning they take just about the right time to make with little children, as they won’t lose concentration.

If you’re making the hearts for their bedrooms you could let them choose which side of the puzzle to use, they might like the colourful jumble of a cartoon puzzle, assembled into a heart shape.

You can also use tdo different shapes, simply cut out a circle or star shape instead of a heart. If your little ones love to paint then you can add in another step, coating the back of each puzzle piece in their favourite colour. Leave them to dry and then arrange around your shape.


You will need




-A jigsaw


Step 1

Start by cutting out a thin heart shape from cardboard. It needs to be wide enough to have the strength to stand up on its own, but think enough that one jigsaw piece will cover it.

Step 2

Glue the jigsaw pieces to the heart. Try to hide as much of the cardboard as possible. Once you’ve finished, go back to the start and layer more jigsaw pieces over the top, so that you complete hide the cardboard heart.

Step 3

To give the heart stability, glue some jigsaw pieces on the back too. Leave to dry, then glue a piece of ribbon at the top and display.