Jordan asks Alex to move out

Katie Price’s spokesman has confirmed that the glamour model has told second husband Alex Reid that she wants him to move out.

The couple, who share a luxury house in Surrey, were expected to announce their break-up last week but an official joint statement from the pair has been put on hold.

‘Katie has asked Alex to leave the family home so they both have some space and hopes he respects that,’ says her rep.

‘It is true Alex and Kate discussed a statement last week. Alex asked Katie not to release it as he wanted more time to discuss matters and come to terms with their situation.’

The marriage is reported to have fallen apart because Katie, 32, resented Alex, 35, trying to build his own showbiz career by association with her name.

‘I loved the fact he wasn’t in my world. But as soon as he got to my world he wanted to be in it himself,’ she’s complained, an insider tells the News Of The World.

‘He wanted to become a TV personality like me, a magazine columnist like me and advertise clothes like me. I hated that.

‘I convinced myself I was in love with him but looking back I probably wasn’t. It was a mistake. I need him out of my house and out of my life for good.

‘It’s over. There is no way we are going to work this out.’

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