Jordan: I could get back with Alex!

Jordan hasn’t ruled out a reunion with Alex Reid and is weighing up her options!

The glamour model, real name Katie Price, dumped the cage fighter, 34, moments after quitting I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! last month.

Jordan, 31, claims she made her decision after learning that Alex told a tabloid he planned to propose.

‘I’d always told Alex that I didn’t want another “Peter Andre and Kate” relationship,’ she explains.

‘I’d asked him, please, to stay away from the media, and after the first time he gave a story, even though he was saying really lovely stuff, I told him, one more lapse and that would be it between us.’

Jordan and Alex later had a heart to heart at an Australian hotel and she admits they could be getting back together.

‘I was really falling for this guy and I can’t switch off feelings just like that,’ she tells Hello! ‘So I’m not entirely ruling out anything between us.

‘Strangely enough, I feel more hurt from this split right now than I did with Pete because I had known for some time from seeing a counsellor that it probably wouldn’t have lasted.’

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