Jordan’s desperate baby diet

Desperate Jordan’s desire to have a baby with new hubby Alex Reid is no secret.

But while she’s used to conceiving at the drop of a hat, the announcement she’s gagging to make looks a long way off.

In fact, Jordan’s so worried about the time it’s taking to get her pregnant – even though it’s only been a few weeks – that she’s made drastic changes to her diet to prime her body for another child.

And she’s left Alex, 34, fuming by demanding that he drops his special cage-fighter diet and eats the same foods as her instead.

‘Katie will be 32 in May and she’s been advised it may not be as easy to get pregnant as it was in the past if she doesn’t take care of herself,’ a friend tells Now.

‘She’s been eating a diet high in iron, which means lots of red meat, seafood and leafy greens such as spinach.

‘It’s the reason she’s put on a few pounds recently. A month 
ago, her diet consisted mostly of biscuits and handfuls of snacks when she got hungry.

‘Her new diet is causing rows because Alex is training for an important fight and he’s on the “caveman diet”, which is totally different from what she wants him to eat.

‘Alex usually does what Katie says, but when he’s training he can be very stubborn and single-minded.

‘Katie keeps making snide remarks about his fighting and she’s blown her top a couple of times.

‘She wants Alex to stay at home and be a house husband, so she gets irritated that he takes his career so seriously.’

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