June’s couch potato week

It’s been one of those weeks where I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a shovel, know what I mean? Talk about busy! I’ve spent every night slumped in front of the telly trying not to nod off before News At Ten!

At least there’s been some good stuff to watch. I love Mary Queen Of Shops. Didn’t Mary Portas do well to keep her cool with that shop owner from Cardiff? Why can’t some people just listen to good advice?! The highlight for me was several texts from my friends during the bit when they went to the Paris boutique. Apparently my doppelganger was in the background of a ding-dong between Mary and Mr Stroppy! Typically I missed it because I’d gone into the kitchen to empty the washing machine. So much for being in Paris!

EastEnders on Wednesday was the highlight though. Have you seen our clip of the moment Mad May lit her cigarette after leaving the gas on? Me and the kids thought it was brilliant. Needless to say Martin didn’t watch. Does your bloke do soaps? Mine just has to hear the theme tune and he’s off.

And then last night The Property List on five was brilliant. Just what we all needed to know – 10 locations in the UK that offer the best value for money. Bexley was right up there, and that’s just up the road from me. I wonder how Martin would feel about us moving again? I think I know the answer!

Have a lovely weekend!

Apester Lazyload