Katie and Kerry best friends again?

Worried friends say Kerry Katona’s friendship with Peter Andre is causing trouble in Katie Price’s two-month marriage to Alex Reid.

‘Alex doesn’t understand her obsession with Peter and who he might be dating,’ reveals a source.

‘It’s not jealousy – Alex just finds it bizarre that it bugs Jordan so much. The way he sees it, Peter has moved on, so why can’t she? But that kind of attitude just enrages Jordan more.

‘She really believes that Kerry and Peter are doing this to get back at her and it infuriates her.’

Despite them becoming friends after taking part in I’m A Celebrity – Getting Me Out Of Here! together, Jordan, 31, came to despise former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry, 29.

This week, she even described her to friends as an ‘Iceland version of me’.

But while she decides how to exact her revenge, insiders say Jordan’s even toying with the idea of making up with Kerry – just to throw a spanner in the works.

‘If there’s one woman you should never cross, it’s Katie,’ says a source.

‘She really knows how to get to people. She’s only too aware that it would freak out her former manager Claire Powell – who looks after both Peter and Kerry – if she were to befriend Kerry again.

‘She also says that would put the spotlight back on her. She’s barely keeping her anger in check at the moment, but she’s developing a plan for huge success this year that’ll blow Pete and Kerry out of the water.’

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