Keep a diary while you’re trying to conceive

Keep a diary while you’re trying to conceive. Your diary should record the following:

* First day of your period (Day 1 of your cycle)
* Signs of cervical mucus – particularly noting the very fertile clear, wet, stretchy secretions
* Lifestyle notes – evenings out, alcohol intake, stress at work, travel holidays, etc
* Use of any medicines – such as painkillers for headaches, antibiotics etc
* Occasions of full sexual intercourse
* Libido
* Physical feelings – abdominal cramps, headaches, energy levels, breast tenderness etc
* Emotions – moods, happiness, irritation etc

It’s only after keeping a note of several cycles that any sort of pattern will begin to emerge and will provide you with a record of events which can be helpful in identifying problems such as inadequate frequency of sexual intercourse, use of medication etc.
Zita West, author of Zita West’s Guide To Getting Pregnant
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