Keep it to yourself

Anyone who’s a parent knows that it can be a tough job – sleepless nights, loss of free time, worries about your kids’ health… the list is endless.

But you try to deal with it as a mum and dad and cope the best you can. And that means not having to put up with what can only be termed unhelpful advice.

It’s fine for people to say, ‘have you tried this?’ They might suggest something you haven’t though about.

What’s not very helpful is when people tell you should make your daughter shut up on the bus, because the crying is upsetting their bus journey

Or when your own mother tells you should just let them cry in bed and not go in to comfort them.

If I want someone’s advice on how to bring up my own child, I’ll ask. Sure I’ll make the odd mistake along the way, but at least I know they’re my mistakes and not everyone else’s.