Kylie’s cancer fears

Singer scared disease could come back

Kylie Minogue fears her breast cancer may return.

‘It’s not over,’ she says. ‘I still go for regular check-ups. The voyage doesn’t end suddenly. That’s why it’s so difficult to talk about it.’

But the singer says the public’s support has helped her fight back.

‘Returning to the stage signified returning to normal life,’ she says. ‘It’s wonderful to know that, in talking about it, I’m perhaps helping women, families and also some men with breast cancer.’

Kylie, 39, says the next step to reclaiming her life is becoming a mother.

‘I love the idea of a family,’ she tells Paris Match. ‘But I won’t tell myself that I absolutely have to have children to make my life complete.’

Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

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