Kylie tries to crack the States

Kylie Minogue has launched another offensive on the US charts – to prove pal Robbie Williams wrong.

The former Take That star, 34, who collaborated with the Aussie singer on hit single Kids in 2000, is said to have told her not to bother.

‘Kylie has spoken about it with Robbie,’ says a source. ‘He told her he loves being largely unknown when he’s at home in the States, while cash rolls in from the rest of the world.

‘Robbie thinks she should keep the US as a place she can go to escape the spotlight. But Kylie doesn’t agree and has decided on one final push.’

The 39-year-old has lined up a series of interviews on US programmes, including Dancing With The Stars, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Late Show to raise her profile as she releases her album X.

Yesterday she appeared on The Today Show and talked about trying to win over an American audience.

‘It’s a notoriously difficult market,’ she said. ‘To know where I fit within that market is very difficult.’

During her long-spanning career, Kylie has only had 2 Top Ten hits across the pond — The Locomotion in 1988 and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head in 2002.

‘It eats away at Kylie that she’s never hit the big time there,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘She has tried before and it didn’t happen. But being the kind of determined person she is, she’s giving it one more go.’