Labour of love

We often talk about what we have for dinner in the office. We swap recipe ideas, describe exactly what we ate and what it tasted like. In fact, we talk about food so much, one of us usually has to pop out and get some to keep us all going in the afternoon…

This week my husband made the most amazing salt beef from boneless brisket. He got the recipe from his dad and decided to make it as it’s one of his favourite meals. To begin with he left it to cure for 10 days in salt and pickling spices, turning it occasionally and keeping it cool. Then he rinsed it and slow-cooked it in simmering water for an hour, changed the water, then simmered it again for another hour – now there’s dedication to a good meal! I couldn’t wait for the result. It arrived in thick slabs of caraway seed bread with mustard, red cabbage and potato rostis and it was amazing.

I’ve got loads of hand-written recipe books at home created by my mum, and one day I’ll dive in and start trying them out as the ones that are passed down through generations are always the best.

I’m going to be writing about food every week now in my blog (lucky it’s one of my favourite subjects!), so if you’ve got any family recipes, please send them in to me, or if you want to tell me anything about food or ingredients, get in touch!

Apester Lazyload