Lara Candido

Name: Lara Candido
Age: 23 Occupation: MA International PR Student
Location: Bristol

One of Lara’s biggest regrets is that she never took a language at GCSE. Languages weren’t at the top of the agenda for the specialist sports college she attended but she has more than made up for it in recent years by immersing herself in learning Spanish.

Lara has spoken Italian her whole life, but during her final year at university, she took an Erasmus course in Tarragona, Spain and enjoyed it so much she decided to stay on for another year. She had previously picked up a bit of Spanish from family holidays, but this time really threw herself into the situation and her Spanish came along in leaps and bounds.

Now on the job hunt after completing her Masters degree , Lara has become increasingly aware of how attractive her language skills look on her CV. Recruiters love her multilingual abilities as it makes her stand out from all the other applicants.

Until she lands her dream job, she’s determined not to neglect her language skills and has recently taken up a volunteering position at Bristol airport in order to practice her Spanish and Italian. Eventually, she would like to set up her own communications company, based in Europe.

Lara also plans to add French and German to her repertoire of languages.

She says,

“People often think English will get you everywhere in life, but it’s not true. Learning languages are not only important for business within the global community, but socially, it’s respectful to speak to someone in their own language. I wouldn’t be without the international friends I’ve made, and they appreciate it so much if I can just speak a little bit of their native tongue.”