Let’s get together

This weekend, amongst the doom and gloom I was reminded by how, when we get together, we can make things better.

I went to an RSPCA rescue shelter. Although it’s sad that in many cases these beautiful animals have been abandoned or maltreated, they are now cared for and many of them were reserved to go to good, loving homes. It made me realise that there is hope.

My lovely fiancé died two years ago after a battle with cancer and at the weekend his family, friends, old teachers and neighbours came together to remember him and put on a craft fair to raise money for his charity. People had been up all night making scarves, cards and cakes and even though many people are struggling for money at the moment everyone gave generously.

Community isn’t a state-funded initiative it’s you and me, us, getting to know each other. So put on the kettle and invite your neighbour over for a cup of tea – you never know when you might need them.