Let’s go for trampolining gold

My eldest daughter has a new present – a trampoline. It’s one of those quite big ones that lives outside and has netting round it.

It dominates the back garden and since she got it, she has spent ages bouncing up and down, landing on her bum and then springing up again.

And she’s not the only one. If you walk past gardens all over the country, you will see small heads bobbing over the fence, as kids everywhere bounce up and down on their trampolines.

And this got me thinking. With the Olympics on at the moment, perhaps our focus in years to come should be on trampolining.

When the games come to London in 2012, surely there will be thousands of children around the country who will have spent the previous four years going bounce, bounce, bounce.

So forget sailing, cycling or rowing, trampolining is where it’s at. Surely, we’ll be a shoo-in for a gold medal!