Lose weight in 2 weeks

Whether your holiday’s looming or you want to get into that old party dress, we’re all guilty of always leaving doing something about the diet until the last minute. But we’re here to help. Our lose weight in 2 weeks page has got everything you need to shed the pounds in just a couple of weeks. From tips and advice and a whole host of diet suggestions and meal plans, we’ll equip you with the support you need to lose weight in 2 weeks, and to feel healthier, and happier.

Want to lose weight in 2 weeks? Try these...

The one everyone’s talking about: The 5:2 Diet

Great, summery and simple: The Special K Diet

The detox: The Juice Diet

A celebrity favourite: The Dukan Diet

The one you can stick to: The Harcombe Diet

Need more help to lose weight in 2 weeks? See our Diets page for more advice.

Psst! Need some extra help?

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