Louis Walsh pays tribute to Stephen Gately

Louis Walsh has praised singer Stephen Gately who died in Spain at the weekend. The X Factor judge had been close to the star since he formed Boyzone in the mid-90s.

‘I have lost my best friend,’ says Louis, 57. ‘He was the glue in Boyzone. He kept them all together.’ Louis admits Stephen was always grateful for his support. ‘He’s the only person who I’ve ever managed who has absolutely said thank you,’ he adds.

‘He thanked me all the time. He was the only one who thanked me properly. ‘He was just amazing fun, honest, relaxing, so good natured.’ Louis admits he’s struggling to deal with his grief.

‘I am completely broken,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I just can’t get my head around it and don’t know how I’ll get over it. I’ve just been walking around in a daze. I am still in shock. I just cannot believe this has happened. I’m desperately trying to keep busy but I’m all over the place.’

Boyzone member Stephen, 33, was found dead at his holiday home in Majorca on Saturday after a night out in Palma with husband Andrew Cowles. A court official in Majorica said the singer suffered a pulmonary oedema, an accumulation of fluid on the lungs. The underlying cause was not revealed.

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