Louise’s coat of happiness

I’m a naturally negative, pessimistic and moody person – it’s a wonder I have any friends to be honest. And I do get quite down about the state of society and the world. However, sometimes something small will happen and it will flick a switch in my brain and make me really happy.

This weekend one such thing happened.

I’ve got a new winter coat, which I love. It’s got a massive collar which I can pull right up to cover my entire head and four pockets, two of which have zips – handy and security-conscious!

Even though I really love my new coat I’ve always felt that it could do with two more pockets that I can rest my hands in when I’m cold or trying to look cool. But guess what? This weekend I discovered two secret pockets that allow me to do just that!

And this is all I need to feel OK again – a simple thing but it’s made me happy. Is there anything in your life that has perked up your mood?