Madonna’s massive payout

Singer to receive £70k per minute for Dubai concerts

Madonna is said to be negotiating a deal to play in Dubai for a reported £12.5m – just 2 gigs.

The singer is being lined-up to perform in in November when her world tour comes to an end.

‘She’s about to break another record by playing the most lucrative concert of her whole career – or anyone’s career for that matter,’ says a source.

‘The negotiations for the tour to stop in Dubai in November are being finalised and she will get £7.5m for the one show only.’

Madonna, 49, is also in talks to perform at a private party while in the city, which could earn her an addition £5m.

‘The figure is so big because of the huge funds available from private promoters in Dubai,’ the source tells The Sun.

‘She’s also close to agreeing to play at a private party, the first in her career.’