Mary-Kate Olsen demands immunity

Mary-Kate Olsen is seeking immunity from prosecution before she speaks to investigators about Heath Ledger’s death. In other words, she wants to make sure she isn’t going to be arrested or charged with anything before she helps them any further with their inquiries.

Heath Ledger, who plays The Joker in the new Batman film, died in January from an accidental overdose of a cocktail of drugs, including some very powerful painkillers which he didn’t have a prescription for.

Heath’s masseuse phoned Mary-Kate, who was in California at the time, when she discovered his body. Mary-Kate sent people over to his flat in New York to see if they could help.

Everyone else the police have asked to speak to, including Heather Ledger’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams, has agreed to answer their questions.

Mary-Kate may not be given immunity and could be served with a subpoena, which would mean she would have to give evidence in front of a jury.

Mary-Kate’s lawyers say she has already told the police everything she can and doesn’t know where Heath got the drugs from.

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