Meet the characters

A must see for half-term

Keeping the kids entertained over half-term can be tough, especially when you have winter weather to contend with. But new to blu-ray and DVD, Despicable Me provides perfect half-term viewing for all the family. It’s filled with fresh and exhilarating characters, an army of lovable minions and clever wit throughout.

Meet the characters

Gru – With the help of his army of mischievous yellow minions, Gru (Steve Carrell from Horton Hears A Who! and Evan Almighty) a wannabe super-villain, plans to dominate the world and steal the moon.

Gru’s mum – Dame Julie Andrews plays Gru’s hard-to-please mother. Despite her mean and outrageous personality, she’s a loveable and extremely funny character.

Vector – Also a villain, Vector (Jason Segel) is in competition with Gru to be the meanest of the bad guys.

Dr Nefario – Russell Brand provides the voice for Gru’s side-kick and gadget creator, Dr Nefario. He makes lots of wonderful contraptions, but due to his bad hearing, many of these are not what Gru has asked for resulting in some terrible mistakes.

Margo, Edith and Agnes – Gru’s outlook on life takes a turn for the better when he meets three orphaned little girls – Margo, Edith and Agnes. They look to Gru as a father figure, but will they be able to put a stop his evil plan?

Despicable Me is available on DVD and Blu-ray from 21 February and is packed with exclusive bonus material including mini movies – click here to buy Despicable Me