Meet the rest of the goodtoknow team

You all know me pretty well by now so I thought it was about time I got the rest of the goodtoknow team involved in the blog. And here they are…

From right to left:
First of all there’s Jolene. She runs the website and keeps all the editors in check. Then there’s Jenny. You may have noticed her name on a few of our Food and Diet articles. Next is Beth and she keeps Coffee Break and Competitions looking fresh and fun.

Charlotte is next and she writes on the Health, Family and Sex & Relationships channels. Then there’s Anna. She’s Food and Diets editor. If you need to lose weight or want a new recipe idea for dinner, she’s your woman. Louise works on all of our channels, including Diets where she wrote our summer weight loss plan. And finally there’s Rob. He’s the Health, Family and Sex & Relationships editor and knows all sorts about, well, all sorts!

They’ll be keeping you up to date on everything that’s going on in goodtoknow, as well as making time for the odd rant on those topics that really annoy us all. Watch this space!

Apester Lazyload