Modern ‘un’romance

This morning wasn’t the best in the Mansfield household. I got an earful from my other half for turning the tap on and making the water go cold halfway through her shower.

Then I had a few choice words of my own, when I discovered that all the milk had been used up by the time I got round to making my cereal. I don’t like dry cornflakes, you see!

The thing is, I shouldn’t have been surprised, because today is apparently, the most unromantic day of the year, according to new research.

Yup, we’re less likely to buy Champagne, book a table for two or whisper ‘I love you’ to our special someone today than any other day of the year.

And worse still, we’re also more liable to argue and even get divorced because people’s moods are at their lowest on the Wednesday after a bank holiday.

So, really I ought to put some of goodtoknow’s romance tips into action tonight – maybe buy a bunch of flowers or some other gift to apologise for being so grumpy.

Mind you, given this research it hardly seems worth it, does it?