My Big Adventure

Well, I’ve been saving up my holiday all year and now I finally get some time off. Hooray!

I’ve booked a flight to Thailand (and one for my boyfriend) and we’re just going to see what happens. Hopefully not violent demonstrations and political unrest which is what seems to be happening there at the moment – yes, hopefully not that.

If I’m honest I feel very unprepared. It’s all very well being spontaneous, but when you’re so far from home, I’m not sure spontaneity is the best idea. Of course my boyfriend isn’t worried in the slightest. ‘It’ll be exciting’, he keeps saying. And I just smile and nod when really in my head I’m thinking I wish we had every second, of every day planned out.

I also have been checking the weather on a daily basis and it hasn’t yet changed from the big black lightning cloud that was there two weeks ago.

This, combined with the fact that none of the shops are now selling bug spray or bikinis, could potentially make this holiday something of a disaster. Keep your fingers crossed for me!